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A participatory approach frame to integrated social aspect in LCA: the case of aquaculture systems ArchiMer
Mathe, Syndhia; Aubin, Joel; Wilfart, Aurélie; Rey-valette, Helene; Slembrouck, Jacques; Ediwarman,; Fontaine, Pascal; Tocqueville, Aurélien; Blancheton, Jean-paul; Callier, Myriam.
Identification of relevant social impact indicators for a Social Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA) is still difficult and poorly documented (Jorgensen, et al, 2009). In aquaculture systems, the studies based on social aspects are essentially focused on manpower or on conflicts with other activities . In the PISCEnLit project**, we aim to broaden the vision of social impacts of fish farming systems using a new approach of SLCA. We studied fish farming pond systems in France (Lorraine and Brenne) and Indonesia (Tangkit Baru and Kumpeh Ulu in Sumatra island). In this study, we focused on the choice of the impact categories using the participation of stakeholders (James et al., 2002) by the identification and selection of the relevant social impacts to be assessed....
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Ano: 2012 URL:
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