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Why is Asari (= Manila) clam Ruditapes philippinarum fitness poor in Arcachon Bay: a meta-analysis to answer? ArchiMer
De Montaudouin, X.; Lucia, M.; Binias, C.; Lassudrie, Malwenn; Baudrimont, M.; Legeay, A.; Raymond, N.; Jude-lemeilleur, F.; Lambert, C.; Le Goic, N.; Garabetian, F.; Gonzalez, P.; Hegaret, Helene; Lassus, Patrick; Mehdioub, W.; Bourasseau, L.; Daffe, G.; Paul-pont, I.; Plus, Martin; Do, V. T.; Meisterhans, G.; Mesmer-dudons, N.; Caill-milly, Nathalie; Sanchez, Florence; Soudant, P..
Asari (= Manila) clam, Ruditapes philippinarum, is the second bivalve mollusc in terms of production in the world and, in many coastal areas, can beget important socio-economic issues. In Europe, this species was introduced after 1973. In Arcachon Bay, after a decade of aquaculture attempt, Asari clam rapidly constituted neo-naturalized population which is now fished. However, recent studies emphasized the decline of population and individual performances. In the framework of a national project (REPAMEP), some elements of fitness, stressors and responses in Arcachon bay were measured and compared to international data (41 publications, 9 countries). The condition index (CI=flesh weight/shell weight) was the lowest among all compared sites. Variation in...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Ruditapes philippinarum; Condition index; Perkinsus; Brown Muscle Disease; Element contamination; Immune system; Arcachon Bay.
Ano: 2016 URL:
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