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Relations between basalts and adakitic-felsic intrusive bodies in a soft-substrate environment: the South Ouessant Visean basin in the Variscan belt, Armorican Massif, France ArchiMer
Caroff, Martial; Le Gall, Bernard; Authemayou, Christine; Grosjean, Denise Bussien; Labry, Cyrill; Guillong, Marcel.
The metasedimentary and magmatic terranes in the southern part of the Ouessant Island (Western Brittany, France) are the offshore prolongation of the Leon Variscan metamorphic domain. They mainly consist of micaschists and subordinate amphibolitic lenses (meta-pillow lavas and volcaniclastic successions) cut by a swarm of trondhjemite sills, together with a large porphyritic monzogranite body, newly dated at 336 Ma, and later syeno-leucogranitic intrusions. A large spectrum of fluidal peperites, including spectacular "fiamme"-bearing breccias, is observable at the contact between metasediments and most of the intrusives. The coexistence of amphibolitized basalts, adakitic trondhjemites, and peraluminous granites in the inferred South Ouessant basin is...
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Ano: 2016 URL:
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