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Global Growth, Macroeconomic Change, and U.S. Agricultural Trade AgEcon
Gehlhar, Mark J.; Dohlman, Erik; Brooks, Nora L.; Jerardo, Alberto; Vollrath, Thomas L..
After a decade of uneven export growth and rapidly growing imports, U.S. agriculture has begun to reassert its position in global trade markets. Rising exports and signs of moderating demand for imports mark a departure from previous trends. This report places past trends and emerging developments in perspective by spotlighting the role of two specific factors that help steer U.S. agricultural trade patterns: global growth and shifts in foreign economic activity that affect U.S. exports, and macroeconomic factors underlying the growth of U.S. imports. Consistent with actual changes in the level and destination of U.S. exports, model simulations corroborate the contention that renewed export growth can be sustained by expanding incomes and growing food...
Tipo: Report Palavras-chave: Agricultural trade; Trade balance; Income growth; Economic development; Population; Macroeconomics; Exchange rates; Current account; Growth projections.; Agricultural and Food Policy; Agricultural Finance; International Development; International Relations/Trade.
Ano: 2007 URL:
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