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Policy brief on the organic approach to inputs – Plant protection products, fertilisers, veterinary drugs and feed additives explained Organic Eprints
Lang, Isabella; Tamm, Lucius; Speiser, Bernhard; Schärer, Hans-Jakob; Herforth-Rahmé, Joelle; Walkenhorst, Michael; Bünemann-König, Else; Maurer, Veronika; Moeskops, Bram; Busacca, Emanuele; Gall, Eric; Magid, Jakob; Schmitt, Annegret.
The plant and animal health care strategy in organic farming strengthensagro-biodiversity, protects the environment as well as animal and human health. In addition to fully exploiting preventive options, the use of external inputs such as plant protection products, fertilisers or veterinarymedicinal productsis allowed to prevent inacceptable losses in productivity or animal suffering. However, external inputs need to comply with organic standardsas well as European legislationand aretherefore carefully evaluated before any decision on acceptance is taken.Organic farming systems should aim at reducing dependency on off-farm fertilisers to the lowest feasable level to ensure closed nutrient cycles and avoid nutrient leakage and contamination. This policy...
Tipo: Report Palavras-chave: Evaluation of inputs.
Ano: 2019 URL:
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