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Sécurité et conditions de travail à la pêche artisanale et semi-industrielle ArchiMer
Andro, M; Dorval, P; Le Bouar, G; Le Roy, Y; Roullot, C; Prado, J; Meillat, Marc; Le Pluart, C.
Ifremer is honoured to publish this study, conducted under the supervision of Prof Dorval. Not only are the issues addressed in this study important and timely, but the methods employed are exceptionally pertinent and original. Two major issues dominate the current affairs in professional fishing: safety and competitiveness. Recent, dramatic events have brought fishing vessel safety and working conditions back to the forefront of national preoccupations. Once again, all those-administrative bodies, sector professionals, fishers, boat builders and fishing gear designers, researchers-confronted with the difficulty of finding satisfactory solutions to this distressing problem wonder what actions should be taken....
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Ano: 1987 URL:
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