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Evolutionary Strategies Combined With Novel Binary Hill Climbing Used for Online Walking Pattern Generation in Two Legged Robot InTech
Lena Mariann Garder; Mats Hovin.
In this chapter an incremental search algorithm combining ES and binary hill climbing has been presented. The ESBH algorithm is compared to simple GA and ES, and stochastic search. We see that the ESBH algorithm is in average superior to the other approaches in this application where the focus is fast learning in less than 20 generations. A possible objection to the proposed ESBH algorithm is that heavy noise in the fitness calculations may cause the algorithm to derail and search in a non optimal region of the search space. Although various simulations has shown that the ESBH algorithm develop proper gaits significantly faster than standard GA/ES based algorithms, practical side effects in a physical environment, such as highly unpredictable shoe sole...
Tipo: 20 Palavras-chave: Bioinspiration and Robotics Walking and Climbing Robots.
Ano: 2007 URL:
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