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Ecological-economic modelling for the sustainable management of biodiversity ArchiMer
Doyen, Luc; Cisse, Abdoul; Gourguet, Sophie; Mouysset, L.; Hardy, Pierre-yves; Bene, Christophe; Blanchard, Fabian; Jiguet, Frederic; Pereau, J.-c.; Thebaud, Olivier.
Terrestrial and marine biodiversity provides the basis for both ecosystems functioning and numerous commodities or services that underpin human well-being. From several decades, alarming trends have been reported worldwide for both biodiversity and ecosystem services. Therefore the sustainable management of biodiversity requires a double viewpoint balancing ecological conservation with the welfare of human societies. Understanding the underlying trade-offs, synergies and interactions imposes the development of interdisciplinary researches and methods. In that respect, bio-economic or ecological economic modeling is likely to play a major role. The present paper intends to elicit the key features, strengths and challenges of bio-economic approaches...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Ecological economics; Modeling; Sustainability; Biodiversity; Public policy; Criterion; Equilibrium; Optimality; Viability.
Ano: 2013 URL:
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