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Effects of land use changes on bird composition along River Njoro: A watershed of Lake Nakuru OceanDocs
Shivoga, W.A.; Ngugi, F.M.; Muchiri, M.S.; Miller, S.N..
The rift valley lakes and their associated watersheds are home for millions of resident and migratory waterfowl. However, they have been recently challenged by land use changes. Lake Nakuru (Kenya) supports diverse biological resources of global, regional and national importance. It is saline and River Njoro is its main source of freshwater. Deforestation, cultivation and urbanization in vital watershed areas have altered the hydrological regime of River Njoro. There is need to preserve and restore aquatic, riparian and terrestrial biological diversity in the watershed to be able to restore and maintain ecological health of Lake Nakuru. The impact of these recent land use changes on birds in the River Njoro Watershed is of concern to conservationists. This...
Tipo: Proceedings Paper Palavras-chave: Land use; Aquatic birds; Urbanization; Resource conservation; Resource management; Migratory species; Environment management; Protected resources; Watersheds; Lake basins; Inland waters; Environmental effects; Species diversity; Riparian environments; Aquatic birds; Urbanization; Resource conservation; Resource management; Http://; Http://; Http://; Http://
Ano: 2006 URL:
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