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Vision Based Tactile Sensor Using Transparent Elastic Fingertip for Dexterous Handling InTech
Goro Obinata; Ashish Dutta; Norinao Watanabe; Nobuhiko Moriyama.
We have explained on a new tactile sensor for measuring multi-dimensional force and moment of contact. The structure of sensor is simple because the method is vision-based. The method to obtain the values of force and moment has been confirmed by several experiments. It is shown that the accurate estimation of contact force and moment is possible with the proposed sensor although there is a trade-off between the resolution and the computational time. There exist small interpositions between the tangential force, the moment and the normal force while measuring. Clear understanding the interposition between applied forces and moments will be required in further research. We defined the stick ratio as an index for indicating the degree of slippage. We have...
Tipo: 7 Palavras-chave: Mobile Robots: Perception & Navigation.
Ano: 2007 URL:
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