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An Operational Framework for Defining and Monitoring Forest Degradation Ecology and Society
Thompson, Ian D; Canadian Forest Service;; Guariguata, Manuel R.; Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR); M.GUARIGUATA@CGIAR.ORG; Okabe, Kimiko; FFPRI Tsukuba;; Bahamondez, Carlos; INFOR Valdivia;; Nasi, Robert; Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR);; Heymell, Victoria; FAO Rome;; Sabogal, Cesar; FAO Rome;
Forest degradation is broadly defined as a reduction in the capacity of a forest to produce ecosystem services such as carbon storage and wood products as a result of anthropogenic and environmental changes. The main causes of degradation include unsustainable logging, agriculture, invasive species, fire, fuelwood gathering, and livestock grazing. Forest degradation is widespread and has become an important consideration in global policy processes that deal with biodiversity, climate change, and forest management. There is, however, no generally recognized way to identify a degraded forest because perceptions of forest degradation vary depending on the cause, the particular goods or services of interest, and the temporal and spatial scales considered....
Tipo: Peer-Reviewed Synthesis Palavras-chave: Biodiversity; Carbon; Criteria and indicators; Forest degradation; Forest management; Remote sensing.
Ano: 2013
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