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Development and evaluation of metal rolling machine for small-scale manufacturers CIGR Journal
Segun Raphael Bello; Department of Agricultural & Bio-Environmental Engineering Technology Federal College of Agriculture, Ishiagu, 480001, Nigeria.
 The global drive toward intermediate technology and sustainable development motivated the development of sheet metal rolling machines for small-scale artisanal manufacturers.  This paper presents the design, construction and evaluation of a sheet metal rolling machine for small-scale enterprises.  The machine consists of three rollers; a rigid forming roller, a free floating roller and a drive roller arranged triangularly with two handles for shape-rolling.  The rollers were made of galvanized metal pipe, 1,050 mm long, 76 mm diameter, each approximately, 3 mm thickness; a driving shaft 1,220 mm long, 16.6 mm diameter and 4 pieces of mild steel washers to provide support to shaft and also to limit the bending stress on the rollers.  The entire system is...
Palavras-chave: Agricultural Engineering; Wood products.
Ano: 2013 URL:
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