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Mixed Logic Dynamical Modeling and On Line Optimal Control of Biped Robot InTech
Yingjie Yin; Shigeyuki Hosoe.
In this study, we proposed a MLD modeling and MPC approach for the on line optimization of biped motion. Such modeling approach possesses advantage that it describes both the continuous dynamics and the impact event within one framework, consequently it provides a unified approach for mathematical, numerical and control investigations. This MLD model allows model predictive control (MPC) and subsequent stability from the numerical analysis viewpoints, by powerful MIQP solver. Hence the biped robot can be on line controlled without pre-defined trajectory. The optimal solution corresponds to the optimal gait for current environment and control requirement. The feasibility of the MLD model based predictive control is shown by simulations. How to effectively...
Tipo: 16 Palavras-chave: Humanoid Robots; Human-like Machines.
Ano: 2007 URL:
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