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Collective Motion of Multi-Robot System based on Simple Dynamics InTech
Ken Sugawara; Yoshinori Hayakawa; Tsuyoshi Mizuguchi; Masaki Sano.
In this article, we proposed a mathematical model which show several types of collective motions, and validated it. Firstly we constructed a model in which each element obeys the Newton equation with resistive and interactive force and has a degree of freedom of the heading vector which is parallel to the element axis, in addition to its position and velocity. Performance of the model was confirmed by numerical simulation, and we obtained several types of collective behavior, such as regular cluster motions, chaotic wandering and swarming of cluster without introducing random fluctuations. By introducing a set of dimensionless parameters, we formulated the collective motions and obtained the phase diagram and a new dimensionless parameter G. Lastly, we...
Tipo: 20 Palavras-chave: Human Robot Interaction.
Ano: 2007 URL:
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