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A discussion of the size of recent red deer (Cervus elaphus L.) compared with prehistoric specimens Naturalis
Walvius, M.R..
Red deer ( Cervus elaphus L.) are known from many prehistoric sites in Western Europe; a number of these are usually of great size as compared with contemporary animals. This essay is an attempt to summarize the literature concerning the size of the prehistoric red deer in comparison with the recent species and to discuss the different influences of the habitat (extent and character of the biotope, food, climate) on the dimensions of red deer. It is the intention that it should attribute to a better understanding of the factors that may have caused the great size of many prehistoric red deer and to try and find out if a similarity between the variation during the course of postglacial times and the local variation in relation to the habitat exists. Most...
Tipo: Article / Letter to the editor
Ano: 1961 URL:
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