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Modélisation de la croissance des poissons en élevage ArchiMer
Muller-feuga, Arnaud.
After a literature overview of growth models applied to intensively cultured fishes, a new one is proposed for assistance in rearing operations, with following characteristics. A simple and integratable mathematic expression simulates growth while eliminating individual weight influence. It gives way to a specific growth general definition. Temperature action mode on growth speed is simulated by substraction of two exponential functions. An automatic calculation method of thermal parameters is proposed. The torpid action of low temperatures is considered. Feeding ration influences growth through simple rules which are explicitly taken in account by mean of a two parameters function. The other growth factors, more difficult to seize, are expressed through a...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Modèle; Croissance; Élevage poissons; Pisciculture; Model; Fish culture.; Growth.
Ano: 1990 URL:
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