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The Spatiotemporal Dynamics of the Sources and Sinks of CO2 in the Global Coastal Ocean ArchiMer
Roobaert, Alizee; Laruelle, Goulven G.; Landschuetzer, Peter; Gruber, Nicolas; Chou, Lei; Regnier, Pierre.
In contrast to the open ocean, the sources and sinks for atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) in the coastal seas are poorly constrained and understood. Here we address this knowledge gap by analyzing the spatial and temporal variability of the coastal air-sea flux of CO2 (FCO2) using a recent high-resolution (0.25 degrees) monthly climatology for coastal sea surface partial pressure in CO2 (pCO(2)). Coastal regions are characterized by CO2 sinks at temperate and high latitudes and by CO2 sources at low latitude and in the tropics, with annual mean CO2 flux densities comparable in magnitude and pattern to those of the adjacent open ocean with the exception of river-dominated systems. The seasonal variations in FCO2 are large, often exceeding 2 mol C m(-2)...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Coastal seas; Air-sea CO2 exchange; Seasonality; Ocean carbon cycle; Continental shelves.
Ano: 2019 URL:
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