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Dissolved Radiotracers and Numerical Modeling in North European Continental Shelf Dispersion Studies (1982–2016): Databases, Methods and Applications ArchiMer
Bailly Du Bois, Pascal; Dumas, Franck; Voiseux, Claire; Morillon, Mehdi; Oms, Pierre-emmanuel; Solier, Luc.
Significant amounts of anthropogenic radionuclides were introduced in ocean waters following nuclear atmospheric tests and development of the nuclear industry. Dispersion of artificial dissolved radionuclides has been extensively measured for decades over the North-European continental shelf. In this area, the radionuclide measurement and release fluxes databases provided here between 1982 and 2016 represent an exceptional opportunity to validate dispersion hydrodynamic models. This work gives accessibility to these data in a comprehensive database. The MARS hydrodynamic model has been applied at different scales to reproduce the measured dispersion in realistic conditions. Specific methods have been developed to obtain qualitative and quantitative results...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Radionuclide; Tracer; Data collection; Antimony 125 (Sb-125); Tritium (H-3); Dispersion; Modeling; English Channel; North Sea; Biscay Bay.
Ano: 2020 URL:
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