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Contribution à l'étude de la crevette rose Palaemon serratus (Pennant) : Exploitation, Biologie, Elevage, Epidémiologie ArchiMer
Campillo, Albert.
This these is the result of several years of investigations conducted on the common prawn Palaemon serratus in the Roscoff (northern Brittany) and Yeu (bay of Biscay) sectors of the French Atlantic coast. Following a description of the fishery and fishing strategies, it deals with the species biological aspects, focusing on growth, lifespan, sex-ratio and breeding. Hypotheses on the reasons for apparent variations in interannual abundance are drawn up and compared with field observations. The second part is devoted to production experiments in a controlled environment (hatchery), explaining how larvae are obtained and their development and survival with respect to food, density and physical parameters like salinity and temperature. The link between...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Shrimp farm; Larval development; Sex ratio; Breeding; Growth; Fishery; Palaemon serratus; Common prawn; Elevage; Développement larvaire; Sex ratio; Reproduction; Croissance; Pêche; Palaemon serratus; Crevette rose.
Ano: 1979 URL:
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