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Stable isotopes (C-13/C-12 and N-15/N-14) in settling organic matter of the northwestern Mediterranean Sea: biogeochemical implications ArchiMer
Kerherve, P; Minagawa, M; Heussner, S; Monaco, A.
Within the framework of the High Frequency Flux (HFF) experiment (MATER programme), time-series sediment traps have been deployed for two months on the continental slope off Marseilles to measure downward particle fluxes at a high frequency sampling rate (two and six days). Combined isotopic analyses of carbon and nitrogen have been performed on selected samples. Both isotopic tracers have been used for the first time on organic material of the Mediterranean Sea (Gulf of Lions) to determine the main biological sources and to address the biogeochemical processes that affected this material. Settling particles were characterised by very low values of delta N-15 (near 0 parts per thousand) and delta C-13 (near -24.5 parts per thousand) that indicate the...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Isotopes stables; Traceurs isotopiques; Particules en sédimentation; Fixation d’azote; Golfe du Lion; Stable isotopes; Isotopic tracers; Settling particles; Nitrogen fixation; Gulf of Lions.
Ano: 2001 URL:
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