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Reconstructing individual food and growth histories from biogenic carbonates ArchiMer
Pecquerie, Laure; Fablet, Ronan; De Pontual, Helene; Bonhommeau, Sylvain; Alunno-bruscia, Marianne; Petitgas, Pierre; Kooijman, Sebastiaan A. L. M..
Environmental conditions experienced by aquatic organisms are archived in biogenic carbonates such as fish otoliths, bivalve shells and coral skeletons. These calcified structures present an accretionary growth and variations in optical properties - color or opacity - that are used to reconstruct time. Full and reliable exploitation of the information extracted from these structures is, however, often limited as the metabolic processes that control their growth and their optical properties are poorly understood. Here, we propose a new modeling framework that couples both the growth of a biogenic carbonate and its optical properties with the metabolism of the organism. The model relies on well-tested properties of Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) theory. It is...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Otolith; Calcification; Metabolism; Bioenergetic model; Food reconstruction; Dynamic Energy Budget theory.
Ano: 2012 URL:
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