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Analysis of public policies: implementation for environmental management in Brazil: the contribution of social network theory. Repositório Alice
Abstract: The paper discusses the implementation of agro-environmental policies in municipalities through concepts of social networks, and proposes a model to do research in the area. The basic assertion is that development, success, or problems of technical actions of implementation are directly influenced by social relationships among actors involved in the task. The article tries to reach two objectives. The first is the application of social network theory to public policies, which is unusual in the literature. The second, as a result, is to present a tool specifically designed to investigate the validity of assumptions that has been tested in four Brazilian municipalities, showing applicability and an ability to generate data for questions about...
Tipo: Artigo em periódico indexado (ALICE) Palavras-chave: Agro-environment; Methodological tool; Manejo agroambiental; Gestã ambiental; Políticas públicas; Política ambiental; Zona rural; Social networks; Public policy; Rural areas.
Ano: 2012 URL:
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