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L'utilisation des échantillonneurs passifs. Une nouvelle méthode pour évaluer la contamination chimique des masses d'eau ArchiMer
Gourlay, Catherine; Gonzalez, Jean-louis.
The Water European Framework Directive requires the implementation of programs to monitor the chemical quality of water bodies (freshwater, transition water and seawater), based on grab measurements of concentrations of various contaminants (metals, organic compounds). The results are limited by several analytical difficulties, and the poor representativity because of the temporal variability of contamination. The passive sampling techniques, which basically consist of concentrating substances on a submerged device for a given period, and analyzing accumulated substances, should improve the monitoring, by simplifying analytical issues (lower detection limits, analysis in a simpler matrix), and allowing time integration of the contamination. Here, we...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Échantillonneurs passifs; Eau; Membrane semi-perméable (SPMD); Gradient de diffusion en couche mince (DGT); Métaux; HAP; Passive samplers; Water; Semipermeable membrane device (SPMD); Diffusive gradient in thin film (DGT); Metals; PAHs.
Ano: 2010 URL:
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