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Holocene variation in the Antarctic coastal food web: linking δD and δC13 in snow petrel diet and marine sediments ArchiMer
Ainley, Dg; Hobson, Ka; Crosta, X; Rau, Gh; Wassenaar, Li; Augustinus, Pc.
Here we present first time evidence for concordant variation in the isotopic signature at both the base and the upper levels of the Antarctic coastal food web during the Holocene. Laminae in sub-fossil deposits of snow petrel Pagodroina nivea stomach oil, known as mumiyo, were collected from nest-sites in the Bunger Hills, East Antarctica. Mumiyo layers were sub-sampled, radiocarbondated, and analyzed for delta C-13 and delta D. The obtained values were compared to isotopic variability among layers of an ocean sediment core collected, and similarly dated, in nearby Dumont D'Urville Trough. Overlapping records extended from about 10 160 to 526 calendar years before present (cal yr BP). Mumiyo delta D values remained relatively constant throughout the...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Antarctica; Holocene climate change; Food webs; Isotopic analysis; Mumiyo; Pagodroma nivea; Sediment cores; Snow petrel.
Ano: 2006 URL:
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