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Agriculture And Savannah Biodiversity Loss OceanDocs
Bourquin, O.; Hughes, G. R.; Sandwith, T..
This paper investigates the question of what influence human beings have had on biodiversity in the region of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. A historical analysis has been made of human impact on local ecosystems and species accompanied by statistics on the reduction of habitats and systems caused by urbanisation, cultivation, silviculture and state dams. The major causes of biodiversity loss are identified as being habitat destruction or modification and extractive utilisation. The most important problem is that the government of South Africa does not have an effective environmental management system to ensure wise decision-making. The result has been sectoral ministries empowered with the dual role of both exploiting and preserving natural resources. In...
Tipo: Report Palavras-chave: Biodiversity; Ecological balance; Environmental impact assessment; Http://; Http://
Ano: 1998 URL:
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