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Scientific rationale and international obligations for protection of active hydrothermal vent ecosystems from deep-sea mining ArchiMer
Van Dover, C. L.; Arnaud-haond, Sophie; Gianni, M.; Helmreich, S.; Huber, J. A.; Jaeckel, A. L.; Metaxas, A.; Pendleton, L. H.; Petersen, S.; Ramirez-llodra, E.; Steinberg, P. E.; Tunnicliffe, V.; Yamamoto, H..
There is increasing interest in mining minerals on the seabed, including seafloor massive sulfide deposits that form at hydrothermal vents. The International Seabed Authority is currently drafting a Mining Code, including environmental regulations, for polymetallic sulfides and other mineral exploitation on the seabed in the area beyond national jurisdictions. This paper summarizes 1) the ecological vulnerability of active vent ecosystems and aspects of this vulnerability that remain subject to conjecture, 2) evidence for limited mineral resource opportunity at active vents, 3) non-extractive values of active vent ecosystems, 4) precedents and international obligations for protection of hydrothermal vents, and 5) obligations of the International Seabed...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Polymetallic sulfides; Seafloor Massive Sulfides (SMS); International Seabed Authority (ISA); Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD); Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems (VME); Precautionary approach; Deep-sea conservation.
Ano: 2018 URL:
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