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Systematic conservation planning in the eastern English Channel: comparing the Marxan and Zonation decision-support tools ArchiMer
Delavenne, Juliette; Metcalfe, Kristian; Smith, Robert J.; Vaz, Sandrine; Martin, Corinne S.; Dupuis, Ludovic; Coppin, Franck; Carpentier, Andre.
The systematic conservation approach is now commonly used for the design of efficient marine protected area (MPA) networks. Identifying these priority areas often involves using specific conservation-planning software. Several of these software programmes have been developed in recent years, each of which differs in the underlying algorithms used. Here, we investigate whether the choice of software influences the location of priority areas by comparing outputs from Marxan and Zonation, two widely used conservation-planning, decision-support tools. Using biological and socio-economic data from the eastern English Channel, we compared their outputs and showed that the two software packages identified similar sets of priority areas, even though the relatively...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Eastern English Channel; Marine conservation planning; Marxan; Spatial conservation prioritization; Zonation.
Ano: 2012 URL:
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