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Le merlu europeen (Merluccius merluccius L.). Bilan des connaissances biologiques. Evolution de l'exploitation. Evaluations des stocks et mesures de gestion ArchiMer
Guichet, Roger.
European hake is one of the most important commercial species of the North East Atlantic. Its biology is quite well known in spite of age reading problems. This report provides a review of the state of knowledge based on updated data, specially for parameters used in the working groups in charge of stocks assessments. The fisheries for hake are essentially sequential. In recent years fishing mortalities have been moderate and the over exploitation of the stocks is due to the excessive catches of young fish and to the fishing pattern of some fleets. The result of this inappropriate exploitation pattern is dangerous with a decrease of the spawning stock biomass and recrutrnent for the two stocks.
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Merlu; Nord Est Atlantique; Biologie; Exploitation; Gestion; Hake; North East Atlantic; Biology; Fisheries; Management.
Ano: 1996 URL:
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