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Détermination de Valeurs Guides Environnementales (VGE) mollusques alternatives aux Normes de Qualité Environnementale (NQE) définies dans la DCE ArchiMer
Sire, Alizee; Amouroux, Isabelle.
The Water Framework Directive (DCE 2000/60/CE), aims to achieve the good conditions (chemical and ecological) of different waters in Europe. The Environmental Quality Standards (EQS) are the tools used to evaluate the chemical condition waters. Initially, the EQS are defined for the water matrix, but with the analytical difficulties and low spatial and temporal representativity of water samples, the monitoring of contaminants must be carried out on alternative matrices, as mollusks and particularly the mussels. Among the 45 priority and dangerous priority substances establishes by the WFD 2013/39/UE, 25 substances are hydrophobic and bioaccumulable. The main goal of this study is to determine thresholds applicable in the mussels at least as protective as...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Norme de Qualité Environnementale; Valeur Guide Environnementale; Mollusques; Moules; Facteur de bioconcentration (BCF); Facteur de bioaccumulation (BAF); Modèles QSAR; Directive Cadre sur l’Eau.; Environmental Quality Standards; Thresholds; Mollusks; Mussels; Bioconcentration factor (BCF); Bioaccumulation factor (BAF); QSAR models; Water Framework Directive.
Ano: 2016 URL:
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