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Observing the Local Emergence of the Southern Ocean Residual-Mean Circulation ArchiMer
Sévellec, Florian; Naveira Garabato, A; Vic, Clement; Ducousso, N..
The role of mesoscale turbulence in maintaining the mean buoyancy structure and overturning circulation of the Southern Ocean is investigated through a 2‐year‐long, single‐mooring record of measurements in Drake Passage. The buoyancy budget of the area is successively assessed within the Eulerian and the Temporal‐Residual‐Mean frameworks. We find that a regime change occurs on timescales of 1 day to 100 days, characteristic of mesoscale dynamics, whereby the eddy‐induced turbulent horizontal advection balances the vertical buoyancy advection by the mean flow. We use these diagnostics to reconstruct the region's overturning circulation, which is found to entail an equatorward downwelling of Antarctic Intermediate and Bottom Waters and a poleward upwelling...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Southern Ocean; Meridional overturning; Mesoscale turbulence; Residual-mean circulation; Eulerian circulation; Mooring measurements.
Ano: 2019 URL:
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