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Wood anatomy of the Euphorbiaceae, in particular of the subfamily Phyllanthoideae Naturalis
Mennega, Alberta M.W..
The great variety in wood structure of the large family Euphorbiaceae makes it impossible to describe briefly a general wood pattern. Nevertheless, a more or less clear division into four anatomical groups can be made. A short overview is given of the wood structure of the uni-ovulate subfamilies Acalyphoideae, Crotonoideae, and Euphorbioideae, following the classification by Webster. These subfamilies cannot be distinguished by their anatomy. The paper is mainly devoted to the bi-ovulate subfamily Phyllanthoideae. Within this subfamily, two groups can be recognized on the basis of their wood anatomy: the Aporusa type with a great number of primitive characters, and the Glochidion type, in which primitive features such as scalariform vessel perforation...
Tipo: Article / Letter to the editor Palavras-chave: Fibre types; Parenchyma; Stilaginaceae; Uapacaceae.
Ano: 1985 URL:
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