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Caractéristiques physiques et chimiques fines des cendres volcaniques : application à la téphrostratigraphie ArchiMer
Jouannic, Gwénolé.
The challenge of this work was to carry out several tephrostratigraphic studies in various sedimentary environments in order to test the efficiency of classical detection methods of tephra layers. First, analysis has been focused on tephra keys, previously studied in known sites, in Belgium and in the Jura Mountains, in order to update data with current analytical techniques. This work was later expanded to sites from eastern French Massif Central, an area with unexploited tephrostratigraphic potential, which offers the possibility to precise the source of cryptotephras identified in the Jura and Switzerland whose origin was uncertain. This work has been carried out in tephras sampled in loess, carbonate maris and peat allowing to discuss conservation...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Téphra; Jura; Massif Central; Belgique; Diatomées; Imagerie scanner; XRF; Susceptibilité magnétique; Pyroclastites -- Jura (massif); Pyroclastites; Pyroclastites -- Liège (Belgique; Région); Stratigraphie; Téphrochronologie; Tephra; French Massif Central; Belgium; Diatoms; CT Scan; Magnetic susceptibility.
Ano: 2015 URL:
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