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Provedor de dados:  Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute
País:  Taiwan
Título:  小年全株蔬果對檸檬後續產量的影響
Effect of Fruitlet Stripping in Off-year on Subsequent Yield of ‘Eureka’ Lemon
Autores:  黃阿賢
A-Shiarn Hwang
Data:  2002-03
Ano:  2002
Palavras-chave:  檸檬 全株疏果 產量 調節產期 Lemon
Fruit stripping
Forcing production [[classification]]14
Resumo:  [[abstract]]在嘉義地區,‘Eureka’檸檬於小年之四月中旬生理落果期間完全疏果,並無促進開花、調節產期之作用。疏果者當年大幅減產,次年五月及九月之產量較對照植株高,其中五月者有顯著差異,九月者未達顯著差異。顯示完全疏果對產量之影響,至次年之主要產期(九月)已不明顯。枝梢修剪量,不論新梢(一年生以內)或老枝(一年生以上),疏果植株平均分別較未疏果者多,但未達顯著差異。

[[abstract]]Fruits of ‘Eureka’ lemon (Citrus limon [L.] Burm. f.) were stripped during physiological fruit drop period (mid-April) for forcing production. However, no effective result was obtained. Yields of treatment trees were significantly reduced in current year and they were higher in the following year. In controlled trees, the weight of pruned shoot in current year were higher, but there were not significantly different compared with those of the treated.
Idioma:  zh_tw
Identificador:  [[issn]]0376-477X

Relação:  中華農業研究 51(1): 56-60
Journal of Agricultural Research of China 51(1): 56-60
Formato:  [[extent]]476739 bytes


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