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Provedor de dados:  Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute
País:  Taiwan
Título:  水稻臺農70 號之育成
Development of Rice Variety Tainung 70
Autores:  楊遜謙
S.C. Yang
Data:  1988-06
Ano:  1988
Palavras-chave:  [[classification]]14
Resumo:  [[abstract]]臺農70號係以臺農57號為母本與嘉農系比662028雜交而育成。本品種具有高產良質及抗多種病蟲害之特性。株高一期作106.1公分,二期作115.8公分比臺農67號稍高;穗數一期作16.7支,二期作14.4支;全生育日數一期作140天,二期作109天;稻穀產量根據全省區域試驗7個地區平均一期作為6,230公斤,二期作為5,685公斤,較對照品種臺農67號增產0.1~7.3%;糙米率一期82.1%,二期作81.4%。 本品種穗大且稈莖強度稍差,因此在成熟時易傾斜而倒伏。本品種適應性廣,適於中南部第二期作褐飛蝨(Nilaparata lugens stal)易發生地區栽值。臺農70號雖對稻熱病具有抗性,但76年一期作在中南部地區曾發生部份稻熱病為害情形,推測因栽培面積急增,為害該品種之生理小種頻度增強所造成。 Rice variety Tainung 70 was a selection from the progensis of a cross between Tainung 67 and Chia-nung-sipi 66028, having a high-yield potential, good quality and resistance to major diseases and insect pests. Its average plant height was 106.1 cm in the first crop and 115.8 cm in the second crop, slightly higher than those of Tainung 67. The panicle number was 16.7 in the first crop and 14.4 in the second crop in average, and the total growing duration was 140 and 109 days in the first and second crop, respectively. The average yield of Tainung 70 in the seven regional yield tests was 6,230 kg /ha in the first crop and 5,685 kg/ha in the second crop, outyielded the control variety Tainung 67 by 0.1%-7.3%. The percentage of brown rice was 82.1% and 81.4 % in the first and second crop, respectively. Due to its bigger panicle and less stiffness of the stem, Tainung 70 was slightly apt to lodging at maturity. It is suitable to be grown in the brown planthopper (Nilaparatalugens stat) prevailing area in the second crop. This variety was resistant to the blast disease at release in 1985, however, its first crop of 1987 in central and southern parts of the island was considerably damaged by the disease. It may be due to the rapid expansion of its cultivated area that caused the build-up of virulent races of the pathogen against Tainung 70.
Idioma:  zh_tw
Identificador:  [[issn]]0376-477X

Relação:  中華農業研究 37(2): 105-116
Journal of Agricultural Research of China 37(2): 105-116
Formato:  [[extent]]1290225 bytes


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