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Provedor de dados:  Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute
País:  Taiwan
Título:  著果部位對楊桃產量與品質之影響
Effects of Fruit Setting Positions on Yield and Quality of Carambola
Autores:  王武彰
Wu-Chang Wang
Data:  1994-09
Ano:  1994
Palavras-chave:  結果枝
品質 Fruit setting shoot
Quality [[classification]]34
Resumo:  [[abstract]]楊桃「臺農一號」經2年調查結果,著果部位可區分為5種,產量以成熟枝最高,平均達52.4公斤,新梢次之,為32.4公斤,主枝最低,僅達0.1公斤,顯示主枝結果最少。平均單果重,以側枝最高,達372.9公克,成熟枝次之,為365.6公克,主枝再次之為320.0公克,新梢僅為279.1公克,但差異不顯著。可溶性固形物含量,以成熟枝及新梢枝高均達7.6%,依次向主枝遞減;果長及斂厚仍以成熟技為最高且厚。由試驗結果顯示楊桃之著果部位宜選擇在亞主枝至成熟枝之範圍為最佳。

[[abstract]]Fruit setting positions in carambola could be from five shoot types. However, differences of fruit yield and quality between fruit setting positions were still unknown. Results derived from two years investigation showed that fruit yield per plant from Ripening shoot was highest with average of 52.4 Kg, followed by new shoot with average of 32.4Kg, and lowest in main shoot with average of 0.1Kg. In case of average single fruit weight, fruit derived from side shoot was highest with 372.9g, followed by Ripening shoot and main shoot with 365.6g and 320.0g respectively. The lowest fruit weight in new shoot was 279.1g. Total soluble solid contents of fruits from Ripening shott and new shoot were highest and reached to 7.6°Brix. Length of fruit and thickness of fruit rib from Ripening shoot were longest and thickest, respctively. Based on these records, then the best fruit setting positions ranged from sub-main shoot to Ripening shoot.
Idioma:  zh_tw
Identificador:  [[issn]]0376-477X

Relação:  中華農業研究 43(3):330-335
Journal of Agricultural Research of China 43(3):330-335
Formato:  [[extent]]637284 bytes


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