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Provedor de dados:  Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute
País:  Taiwan
Título:  Breeding for Disease and Insect Resistances in Keng Rice
Autores:  Chen-seng Huang
Data:  1985-12
Ano:  1985
Palavras-chave:  [[classification]]6
Resumo:  [[abstract]]Tainung 67 was crossed with Tetep, Carreon, Dawn and other donor parents followed by 3 to 4 consecutive backcrossings to Tainung 67 for improving its blast resistance. A genetic study on the BC1F1’s revealed that Tetep was most numerous in the genes resistant to 4 races of the blast fungus tested. An upland blast nursery with corn border lines facilitated the screen-testing of breeding lines. Many new selections from this breeding program were resistant to the blast disease and outyielded Tainung 67. Tainung 67 was also crossed with yellow dwarf resistant Firooz, followed by 2 consecutive backcrossings to Tainung 67. From the segregating progenies of these backcross hybrids, 11 new strains resistant to yellow dwarf were selected. The yields of 2 strains surpassed that of Tainung 67. The brown planthopper resistance of a Oryza rufipogon was transferred to Ponlai by 2 consecutive breeding programs. TNGY8849, a final selection that was resistant to blast and brown planthoppers, is being recommended for registration. Various other varieties possessing Bph 1, bph 2, Bph 3 and bph 4 were also crossed with Tainung 67, followed by 2 consecutive backcrossings. The resistant strains selected from the segregating materials of these hybrids are being tested in the preliminary yield trial. Several japonica cultivars showed resistance in a test for white-backed planthopper resistance, including moderately resistant Tainung 67. A breeding program and the genetic study related with the resistance are in progress. Twenty-one double cross F1’s between the lines selected mostly from the above mentioned backcross breeding programs were subjected to anther culture cooperated with tissue culturists. A total of 1,567 green AC1 plants derived from the anther culture gave only 230 diploid AC1S1 lines for screentesting. The rate of this diploid recovery was greatly improved later. Segregation patterns of blast, planthopper resistances and shattering habit of rice grains among the AC1S1 lines showed that the combination of different desirable traits by double crossing followed by anther culture will he successful and readily useful. 為改良臺農 67 號之稻熱病抵抗性,將臺農 67 號 Tetep, Carreon, Dawn 等捐與品種雜交,然後回交於臺農 67 號 3 至 4 次。其 BC1F1 之遺傳研究顯示,對四個稻熱病病菌生理小種, Tetep 是最富有抗病基因之種源。另創設玉米保護行稻熱病病圃,以便迅速篩選育種系統。由此育種計畫選得多數品系,均具有稻熱病抵抗性,且比臺農 67 號高產。我們同時將臺農 67 號與抗黃萎病的 Firooz 雜交,後回交臺農 67 號 2 次。由回交分離後代選出 11 品系乃抗黃萎病者,其中有二品系比臺農 67 號高產。經過 2 次的育種計畫,將野生稻 Oryza rufipogon褐飛蝨抵抗性轉移至蓬萊稻,最後選出抗稻飛蝨及稻熱病的 TNGY 8849 將提出命名登記。臺農 67 號也同樣與具Bph 1, bph 2, Bph 3 及 bph 4乎的種源雜交,後回交臺農 67 號 2 次。由此選出之品系正在參試於產量比較試驗。另經側驗明瞭有數個稉稻品種對白背飛蝨有抵抗性,有關此蟲抵抗性的遺傳育種試驗正在進行中。另與組織培養室合作,做 21 個雙交 F1之花藥培養,是上述回交育種育成系統或品系間的雙交。從 1,567 個綠色的 AC1 營養系,得到 230 雙倍體 AC1S1系統以供篩選之用。此雙倍體之出現比率後來得大幅提高。由稻熱病,稻飛蝨抵抗性以及脫粒性等在 AC1S1之分離形式而言,雙交及花藥培養的運用使不同優良性狀合併於同一品種應該是可行而能迅速完成。
Idioma:  Inglês
Identificador:  [[issn]]0376-477X

Relação:  Journal of Agricultural Research of China 34(4): 369-390
中華農業研究 34(4): 369-390
Formato:  [[extent]]2381854 bytes


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