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Provedor de dados:  IPB - Escola Superior Agrária
País:  Portugal
Título:  Abundance and diversity of Heteropteran species in portuguese olive groves
Autores:  Santos, Sónia A.P.
Rei, F.
Miranda Arabolaza, Maria José
Gonçalves, F.
Pereira, J.A.
Torres, L.
Data:  2011-05-26
Ano:  2009
Palavras-chave:  Heteroptera
Anthocoris sp.
Deraeocoris lutescens
Resumo:  The olive tree canopy is a habitat for phytophagous and predaceous Heteropteran specimens whose biodiversity is important to be characterized. The aim of this world was to study the abundance and diversity of Heteropteran specimens in Portuguese olive groves with different plant protection systems (conventional. integrated protection and organic farming groves). Therefore, data were obtained in olive groves located in the main olive Portuguese regions (Alto Alentejo and Trás-os-Montes). Sampling occurred in 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2003 and samples were obtained through the beating technique, on a weekly or fortnight basis from March to November of each year. The captured heteropteran specimens were identified to family level and, when possible, to genera or species level. Experimental results showed that specimens belonged to six families that were, for order of importance: Anthocoridae, Miridae. Lygaeidae, Tingidae, Penlalomidae and Nabidae. Beneficial predaceous specimens like AntiJocoris sp. and Deraeocoris lutenscens (Schilling, 1837) were the most abundant of the Anthocoridae and Miridae families, respectively. These families were more abundant from the beginning to the middle of June which coincided with the antophagou5 larval stage of the olive moth, Prays oleae (Bernard).
Tipo:  ConferenceObject
Idioma:  Inglês
Identificador:  Santos, Sonia A.P.; Rei, F.; Miranda Arabolaza, M.J.; Gonçalves, F.; Pereira, J.A.; Torres, L. (2009) - Abundance and diversity of Heteropteran species in portuguese olive groves. In 4th European Meeting of the IOBC/wprs working group integrated protection of olive crops. Córdoba
Editor:  Junta de Andalucía
Direitos:  open access

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