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Provedor de dados:  IPB - Escola Superior Agrária
País:  Portugal
Título:  Effect of organic matter on determination of reactive mercury in contaminated waters
Autores:  Ramalhosa, Elsa
Río-Segade, Susana
Pereira, Eduarda
Vale, Carlos
Duarte, Armando
Data:  2011-04-05
Ano:  2003
Palavras-chave:  Reactive mercury
Organic matter
Flow injection
Cold vapour atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry
Natural waters
Resumo:  Dissolved reactive mercury was determined in water samples from Ria da Aveiro, a coastal lagoon contaminated by mercury. Concentrations increased with acid dilution to a maximum of 193% in samples containing organic matter with high aromaticity, as inferred from absorbances at 250, 280 and 365 nm. Laboratory experiments with potassium hydrogenoftalate and humic acids solutions proved the influence of aromaticity in complexing mercury, how acid dilution protonates the aromatic Hg-complexes and consequent release of labile forms of mercury to solution. On the basis of these results it is proposed that natural waters from mercury contaminated ecosystems should be analysed without dilutions, otherwise additional studies should be performed to access the protonation of mercury organic complexes.
Tipo:  Article
Idioma:  Inglês
Identificador:  Ramalhosa, Elsa; Río-Segade, Susana; Pereira, Eduarda; Vale, Carlos; Duarte, Armando (2003) - Effect of organic matter on determination of reactive mercury in contaminated waters. International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry. ISSN 0306-7319. 83:1,p. 81-88

Editor:  Taylor & Francis
Relação:  83;
Direitos:  open access

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