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Provedor de dados:  Inra
País:  France
Título:  Correlated effects of selection for immunity in White Leghorn chicken lines on natural antibodies and specific antibody responses to KLH and M. Butyricum
Autores:  Minozzi, G.
Grasteau, S.
Bed'Hom, B.
Gourichon, D.
Minvielle, F.
Pinard-van der Laan
Data:  2008
Ano:  2008
Resumo:  Background The effect of selection for three general immune response traits onprimary antibody responses (Ab) to Mycobacterium butyricum or keyhole limpethemocyanin (KLH) was studied in four experimental lines of White Leghorn chicken.Birds underwent 12 generations of selection for one of three different general immunecriteria; high antibody response to Newcastle disease virus 3 weeks after vaccination(ND3), high cell-mediated immune response, using the wing web response tophytohemglutinin (PHA) and high phagocytic activity, measured as carbone clearance(CC). Line ND3-L was selected on ND3, line PHA-L was selected on PHA, and lineCC-L on CC, but all lines were measured for all three traits. The fourth line was acontemporary random bred control maintained throughout the selection experiment.Principal component analysis was used to distinguish clusters based on the overall setof immune measures. Results In the KLH immunised group, no differences werepresent between lines for natural antibodies binding to KLH and LPS, and, lines ND3-L and PHA-L had higher titers to LTA and anti-Gal titers measured before theimmunisation protocol. The measure of ND3 was correlated positively with LPS titersmeasured post KLH immunisation and with the difference between LPS titersmeasured at day 0 and 7 post immunisation. In the M. butyricum immunised group, Line ND3-L showed significantly higher specific antibody response to M. butyricum,and this result agrees well with the hypothesis that the Th-1 pathway was expected tobe selected for in this line. Conclusions This study has shown that the two differentantigens KLH and M. butyricum gave rise to different responses in the set of selectedlines, and that the response was only enhanced for the antigen associated with thesame response mechanism as that for the trait (ND3, PHA or CC) for which the linewas selected. Interactions between innate and acquired immunity have been observedmainly for the high antibody selected trait, indicating there was a specific interactiondue to the selection criterion. Furthermore, the results confirmed the independencebetween the three selected traits. Finally, principal component analysis contributed tovisually discriminate high and low responders to the two new antigens in the fourlines.
Tipo:  Journal Article
Idioma:  Inglês
Formato:  application/pdf

Fonte:  BMC Genetics. 2008, 9 : 5

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