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Provedor de dados:  OAK
País:  Japan
Título:  Evaluation of Motion Correction Processing in Equine Bone Scintigraphy by Scheffé’s Method of Paired Comparisons
Autores:  YAMAGUCHI, Toshiro
ENDO, Yoshiro
NAMBO, Yasuo
SATO, Fumio
YAMADA, Kazutaka
南保, 泰雄
佐々木, 直樹
山田, 一孝
Data:  2013
Ano:  2013
Palavras-chave:  Bone scintigraphy
Motion correction
Scheffé’s method of paired comparisons
Resumo:  Equine bone scintigraphy is usually performed with horses in standing position under sedation. However, swaying motion often leads to poor-quality images. To examine the usefulness of motion correction (MC) processing, equine bone scintigrams were evaluated using Scheffé’s method of paired comparisons. A significant difference in evaluation scores was detected by analysis of variance (F test, P<0.01). According to all observers, Yardstick analysis scores were higher for images use of MC processing than for those no use of MC processing, for all parts. Overall scores of 5 observers were as follows: without MC 100% acquisition time (AT, lowest), use of MC with 25% AT, MC 50% AT, MC 75% AT and MC 100% AT (highest). Thus, MC processing shortens AT in equine bone scintigraphy, and it contributes to a reduction in the external radiation exposure of nurses/technicians.
Idioma:  Inglês
Editor:  日本獣医学会
Direitos:  日本獣医学会

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