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Provedor de dados:  OAK
País:  Japan
Título:  Effects of Cutting and Grazing on Vegetation and Productivity of Shrub-steppe in the Loess Plateau, North-west China
Autores:  Hongo, Akio
Cheng, Jimin
Ichizen, Nobumasa
Toukura, Yuji
Devee, Enkhee
Akimoto, Masahiro
本江, 昭夫
程, 積民
一前, 宣正
藤倉, 雄司
デビィ, エンク
秋本, 正博
Data:  2005-10
Ano:  2005
Palavras-chave:  Loess Plateau
Shrub-steppe and Stipa
Resumo:  The Loess Plateau, situated in north-west China, has been subjected to degradation of vegetation owing to overgrazing. In order to clarify the effects of grazing and cutting on vegetation and productivity of shrub-steppe, the study was carried out from May in 1989 to October in 1991 in the Pastoral Preserving Zone of Yunwu Mountain. The vegetation was monthly surveyed, and DM weights of dominant species were separately measured. Soil samples were taken at three selected sites and one overgrazed site and these chemical analysis were made. Relative abundance of species was calculated on the base of the total frequency of 7835. Gramineae showed the highest value (26 %), followed by Compositae (24 %) and Leguminosae (12 %). During 3 experimental years, the significant increasers were T i onella ruthenica and Potentilla acaulis, and the significant decreasers were Poa sphondylodes, Agropy n cris atum, Potentilla bifurca and Heteropappus altaicus. Species diversity was apparently lower in the cutting plots than in the other plots. According to the result of ordination by principal component analysis, T igonella ruthenica, Carex spp., Aneurolepidium dasystachys and Thermopsi lanceolata were indicator species under natural recovery from overgrazed condition. Artemisia frigida and Potentilla acaulis were typical species in grazing plots. According to monthly aerial DM productions, Stipa bungeana showed excellent regrowth after cutting or grazing, and contributed to higher aerial DM production. Stipa ungeana showed significantly lower values of important nutritional elements and higher values of neutral detergent fiber than other species. The result of soil analysis suggests that total carbon and phosphorus contents may relate with the rate of the rehabilitation from overgrazed condition of steppes. 中国北西部に位置する黄土高原は過放牧のためにそ の植生が荒廃しつつある。そこで,かん木ステップの植生 と生産性におよぼす刈取りと放牧の影響を明らかにす るために,1989年5月から1991年10月までの間,雲霧 山草原保護区において研究を実施した。毎月,植生を調査 し,優先種のDM重を種別に測定した。また,土壌を3試験地と 過放牧地から採取して,化学分析を行った。 植物の総出現頻度は7835個であり,この結果について種 の相対出現頻度を求めた。イネ科がもっとも多く(26%), 次いでキク科(24%)とマメ科(12%)が多かった。実験を行 った3 年間で,有意に増加した種はTrigonella ruthenica とPotentilla acaulis であり,有意に減少した種はPoa phondylodes, Agropyron cristaum, Potentilla bifurca, Heteropappus altaicus であった。種の多様性 は他の処理区より刈取り区で明らかに低かった。主成分 分析による座標付けの結果では,Trigonella ruthenica, カヤツリグサ類, Aneurolepidium dasystachys, Thermopsis lanceolata は過放牧の状態から自然に回復 する時の指標種であった。Artemisia frigida と Potentilla acaulis は放牧区において顕著な種であった。 月ごとの地上部DM 生産量について, Stipa bungeana は刈取りや放牧の後に非常に良好な再生力を示し,その 結果として高い地上部DM 生産量を達成していた。ま た,Stipa bungeana は他の種と比べて主要な栄養素が有 意に低く,逆に繊維成分は有意に高かった。土壌分析の結 果から,総炭素とリンの濃度は,過放牧の状態からの回復 の程度と関連していることが示唆された。
Idioma:  Inglês
Identificador:  帯大研報
Editor:  帯広畜産大学
Formato:  application/pdf
Direitos:  帯広畜産大学

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