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Provedor de dados:  Organic Eprints
País:  Germany
Título:  Grain legumes and soil fertility - Strategies for a successful cultivation
Autores:  Böhm, Herwart
Bohne, Björn
Brandhuber, Robert
Bruns, Christian
Demmel, Markus
Finckh, Maria R.
Fuchs, Jacques G.
Gronle, Annkathrin
Hensel, Oliver
Lux, Guido
Möller, Detlev
Schmidt, Harald
Schmidtke, Knut
Spiegel, Ann-Kathrin
Vogt-Kaute, Werner
Wilbois, Klaus-Peter
Wild, Melanie
Wolf, Daniel
Data:  2014
Ano:  2014
Palavras-chave:  Soil
Resumo:  The German Federal programme on organic farming and other forms of sustainable agriculture developed practical cultivation strategies with the aim of improving soil fertility and plant nutrition. During the five-year project, some new practical knowledge was gained. These findings are listed in the booklet. Reading this guideline should encourage farmers to intensify the cultivation of grain legumes.
Tipo:  Practice tool
Idioma:  Alemão

{Tool} Grain legumes and soil fertility - Strategies for a successful cultivation. [Körnerleguminosen und Bodenfruchtbarkeit - Strategien für einen erfolgreichen Anbau.] Creator(s): Böhm, Herwart; Bohne, Björn; Brandhuber, Robert; Bruns, Christian; Demmel, Markus; Finckh, Maria R.; Fuchs, Jacques G.; Gronle, Annkathrin; Hensel, Oliver; Lux, Guido; Möller, Detlev; Schmidt, Harald; Schmidtke, Knut; Spiegel, Ann-Kathrin; Vogt-Kaute, Werner; Wilbois, Klaus-Peter; Wild, Melanie and Wolf, Daniel. Issuing Organisation(s): Federal Agency for Nature Conservation BfN. Leitfaden / Handbuch. (2014)
Formato:  application/pdf


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