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Provedor de dados:  Ciências Agrárias
País:  Brazil
Título:  Análises dos índices físicos do solo e de sondagens SPT na área da várzea do rio Paraíba do Sul no município de Tremembé, SP
Autores:  Diniz, Helio
Galina, Marcia
Batista, Getulio
Targa, Marcelo
Data:  2012-08-13
Ano:  2012
Palavras-chave:  Hidrogeologia
Várzea do rio Paraíba do Sul
Município de Tremembé
Resumo:  Apresentado no XIX Simpósio Brasileiro de Recursos Hídricos, Maceió, 2011.

This study aimed to develop hydrogeological investigations in the Paraiba do Sul riverfloodplain area by analysis of soil index and the data generated from SPT (Standard PenetrationTest) obtained during borehole drilling. From the results of the analysis of physical indices of soilwas identified high porosity(66%) in friable soils of the floodplain, a condition that when added tohigh value of transmissivity (15.5 m²/h - well 1 - and 33 m²/h - well 3), obtained from flow tests,provides a greater power of solute transport in groundwater. The results showed that the extractiontechnique in the mining process is inefficient, since the sand from the bottom of the pit is not used,as well as in the case of bentonite clay, found in the deeper layers. The results of SPT tests(Standard Penetration Test) indicated that the sedimentary Quaternary aquifer has an averagethickness of 5.5m, as well as the existence of an upper layer, composed of waterproof organic clay -which makes the confined sandy deposits, and aquicludeous formed by a bentonite claygreen, justbelow the confining layer.

Univerisidade de Taubaté, IG-SP, CBH-PS/FEHIDRO-SP
Tipo:  Article
Idioma:  Português
Formato:  1523576 bytes


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