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Provedor de dados:  Animal Physiology
País:  France
Título:  A new tool for induced spawning : the use of 17alpha-hydroxy-20beta-dihydroprogesterone to spawn carp at low temperature
Autores:  Jalabert, B.
Breton, B.
Brzuska, E.
Fostier, A.
Wieniawski, J.
Data:  1977-01-01
Ano:  1977
Palavras-chave:  QP Physiology
Resumo:  The efficiency of different hormonal treatments to induce ovulation of carp at low temperatures (13-15°C) was tested. "Priming" with a low dose (0.6 mg/kg) of carp pituitary extract was found necessary for a subsequent successful treatment with 17alpha-hydroxy-20beta-dihydroprogesterone (17alpha-20beta P) (2 mg/kg) 1 day later. The eggs produced by this method showed satisfactory fertilization (75-96%) and hatching success (70%). On the other hand, normal hypophysation (5.4 mg/kg) following priming resulted only in partial ovulation and oocyte resorption at this temperature. Priming was shown to increase the gonadotropin level in plasma from about 2 to 35 ng/ml and to induce germinal vesicle migration toward the periphery of oocytes. Neither 17alpha-20beta P nor desoxycorticosterone alone or in association gave any positive result in the absence of a preliminary priming.
Tipo:  Journal (Paginated)
Formato:  pdf

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