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Provedor de dados:  ArchiMer
País:  France
Título:  Dynamic Time Warping of Paleomagnetic Secular Variation Data
Autores:  Hagen, Cedric J
Reilly, Brendan T
Stoner, Joseph S
Creveling, Jessica R
Data:  2020-04
Ano:  2020
Palavras-chave:  Palaeomagnetic secular variation
Dynamic programming
Statistical methods
Atlantic Ocean
Resumo:  We present and make publicly available a dynamic programming algorithm to simultaneously align the inclination and declination vector directions of sedimentary paleomagnetic secular variation data.This algorithmgenerates a library of possible alignments through the systematic variation of assumptions about the relative accumulation rate and shared temporal overlap of two or more time-series. The paleomagnetist can then evaluate this library of reproducible and objective alignments using available geologic constraints, statistical methods, and expert knowledge.We apply the algorithm to align previously (visually) correlated medium to high accumulation rate northern North Atlantic Holocene deposits (101– 102 cm/ka) with strong radiocarbon control. The algorithm generates plausible alignments that largely conform with radiocarbon and magnetic acquisition process uncertainty. These alignments illustrate the strengths and limitations of this numerical approach.
Tipo:  Text
Idioma:  Inglês

Editor:  Oxford University Press (OUP)
Formato:  application/pdf
Fonte:  Geophysical Journal International (0956-540X) (Oxford University Press (OUP)), 2020-04 , Vol. 221 , N. 1 , P. 706-721
Direitos:  info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess

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