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Provedor de dados:  International Journal of Morphology
País:  Chile
Título:  Bifid Condylar Process: Cases Report
Autores:  Fuentes Fernández,Ramón
Flores Flores,Homero
Silva Mella,Héctor
Flores Lillo,Tania
Data:  2009-06-01
Ano:  2009
Palavras-chave:  Condylar process
Mandibular condyle
Panoramic radiography
Anatomic variation
Resumo:  The bifid condylar process is a rare anomaly. Most of the known cases are radiographic findings, mainly in ortopantomography and nuclear magnetic resonance. The condition is usually asymptomatic, while in some cases are associated with ankylosis of the temporomandibular joint. It is reported that the presence of bifid condylar process is not determined by age and gender, but the findings are among the ages of 3 to 67 years, with the average age of 35 years. The present report presents two cases of patients with abnormalities of condylar process detectable through radiographic examination.
Tipo:  Journal article
Idioma:  Inglês
Editor:  Sociedad Chilena de Anatomía
Formato:  text/html
Fonte:  International Journal of Morphology v.27 n.2 2009

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