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The role of marketing initiatives in rural development Organic Eprints
Beckie, Mary Anne; Midmore, Peter; Foster, Carolyn.
This paper was presented at the UK Organic Research 2002 Conference of the Colloquium of Organic Researchers (COR). European rural policy faces economic, environmental and demographic challenges. Its recent development has shifted emphasis towards agri-environmental schemes and support for organic farming, refinement of structural funding programmes, and Community Initiatives such as LEADER. At the same time, a transformation and refinement in consumer demand for food is leading to greater market emphasis on the health, environmental conservation and ethical qualities of products. An appropriate alignment of marketing systems, taking advantage of these trends, could also potentially benefit development in rural areas, with both economic and broader...
Tipo: Conference paper, poster, etc. Palavras-chave: Research methodology and philosophy; Markets and trade; Community development.
Ano: 2002 URL:
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