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Sort Out Your Soil: A practical guide to green manures Organic Eprints
Rosenfeld, Anton; Rayns, Francis.
The booklet is a compendium of green manures species used in UK. The introduction explains the reasons why to grow green manures and the benefits they bring into the system. What follows is a guide to the choice of the species to use as green manure, with details per species (leguminous species and other species) and some comparative assessments among the species. It is focused on UK climate and farming systems but its contents can easily be used also in other temperate environments. The booklet is clear and has several photos. This tool can be used to adapt strategies for green manure to specific case.
Tipo: Practice tool Palavras-chave: Soil quality Soil Crop health; Quality; Protection Weed management Farm nutrient management.
Ano: 2021 URL:
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