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Volcanic and hydrothermal processes in submarine calderas: the Kulo Lasi example (SW Pacific) ArchiMer
Fouquet, Yves; Pelleter, Ewan; Konn, Cecile; Chazot, Gilles; Dupre, Stephanie; Alix, Anne-sophie; Cheron, Sandrine; Donval, Jean-pierre; Guyader, Vivien; Etoubleau, Joel; Charlou, Jean-luc; Labanieh, Shasa; Scalabrin, Carla.
The study area is located at the transition between the northern end of the Tonga Trench and the North Fiji fracture zone, where tectonic movements are reputed to be the fastest in the world. To the southeast of Futuna Island, a broad area of volcanism occurs within a region characterized by a change in the tectonic fabric between a NE-SW oriented volcanic graben and the N-S oriented Alofi ridge. In 2010, the active volcano Kulo Lasi, which represents the most recent volcanic episode in the Futuna area, was discovered in the center of this extensive volcanic zone. Kulo Lasi is a 20 km diameter shield volcano that rises 400 m above the seafloor. It is composed of basaltic to trachy-andesitic lava with no obvious geochemical affinity with the Tonga...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Subaqueous volcanism; Hydrothermal activity; Kulo Lasi caldera; Sulfides; SW Pacific.
Ano: 2018 URL:
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