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Agronomical and environmental performances of organic farming in the Seine watershed, France Organic Eprints
Anglade, J.; Billen, G.; Garnier, J..
This work suggests that Soil Surface Balance is a robust indicator to compare the performances of organic agriculture with those of conventional agriculture, even strictly following the rules of rational and optimised application of fertilisers. The results of long term nitrogen budget calculation brought us to seriously reconsider the relevance of the need to increase crop yields, and more broadly to reconsider cropping patterns and production systems. In terms of policy levers for mitigating nitrogen contamination of water resources, only the shift to organic farming provides a possible way to reconcile agricultural production and water quality. Further, this view points out the need for specific measures to encourage more mixed farming approach to...
Tipo: Conference paper, poster, etc. Palavras-chave: Air and water emissions; Farm nutrient management.
Ano: 2013 URL:
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